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    Vivienne, Eden from your list.

    Veda, Vera
    Evie, Eloise, Elise, Elora

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    What about Este?? I think it's beatiful and it is similar to Etta. I also like the name Victoria. They also pair nicely together... Este Victoria..

    Good luck!!!
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    My first thoughts were Emmeline and Violet. If you love Eden, but feel it's unusable--what about Edith? Still yields Edie and hits that vintage sweet spot that Etta and Violet and Nora do. I think Emilia, Elodie, Elisabeth/Elise/Elisa/Eliza (I think Sophia, Nora, and Eliza would be lovely!), Estelle/Esther (Estey or Tess might be a fun nn for both--or even Stella or Ella/Elle/Ellie for Estelle...), Valentina, Valeria, Verona, Verena, Vienna, etc. would be lovely with your girls.

    Good luck!
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    Etta and Vivienne are my favorites from your list. Eden and Violet are close, but 2nd place. Good luck!
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