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    Looking for a middle name/nn for Simone...

    My hubby and I both love the name Simone for a girl, but are having trouble coming up with a middle name that flows right, and isn't too "out there" - I would prefer something more classic - the two e-names were a coincidence, not planned...

    The only two we have right now, and neither of us LOVE them are:

    Simone Elisabeth Jensen
    Simone Eloise Jensen

    What do you all think of Simone and do you have any classic suggestions for a middle name AND I haven't even considered nick names...any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    I know a Simone and she just goes by Simone and no NN, so I can't be of help there.

    Simone Elisabeth Jensen is my favorite from your list.

    Simone Nicole Jensen

    That's all I can come up with right now!

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    Simone is great! Nicknames could be Sissi, Mona, Minnie.

    Other middle name ideas:
    Simone Ariel Jensen
    Simone Rebecca Jensen
    Simone Juniper Jensen
    Simone Harper Jensen
    Simone Bianca Jensen
    Simone Annabel Jensen
    Simone Veronica Jensen
    Simone Paloma Jensen
    Simone Lily Jensen
    Simone Louisa Jensen
    Simone Fiona Jensen

    Of your current options, I love Simone Eloise!

    Edit: I'd also like to suggest Simone Evelyn Jensen
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    Simone is cute! It sounds the best to me with monosyllabic middles, so what about Claire, Kate, Faye, Paige, Ruth, or Eve?

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