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Thread: WDYT of these?

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    WDYT of these?

    These are some of my new hubby approved additions to my list:


    Wilhelmina or Willa (mn only on longer version)
    Meredith(second mn only family surname)
    Rosalind(mn only)
    Aspen(mn only)

    Bainbridge nn. Bain
    Ephraim(mn only)
    Baofire(pro. Bay-Oh-fire)/Baelfire--Bao or Bael

    What do you think of the names? Imagery?

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    Tesla is so wonderfully nerdy. My husband won't approve, though and perhaps it is for the better as it may be heavily associated with the motor company in the future. Someone suggested Joule as an alternative the other day, and I agree that is just brilliant! I used to love Aria, but sadly it is the epitome of trendiness in the US at the moment. Meredith and Wilhelmina or Willa are also great!

    Have never liked Bainbridge, just sounds odd imo
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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