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    I love the name Marigold but I think Seamus & Pascale sound a little better as a set! Wonderful names...quite the "international flair" as the Nameberry books would say. I also think Seamus & Estella works nicely. Estella Marigold is a great combo!

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    My best friend's brother is named Seamus her name is Orla, I think they go well together and Orla is easily pronounced.
    Pascale: I don't think they work together.
    Ophelia: i've never liked this its unappealing to me
    August: I do like this
    Marigold: This is lovely
    Circe/Cersei: i can't pronounce it
    Penelope: Overrated. I can't get behind it
    Nora: I like this especially with Seamus
    Adeline: My sister is Adele and I can't get behine Adeline.
    Estella/Stella: I love this
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    I love Seamus! Its masculine but also gives me the impression of a caring, kind yet strong young man.

    Pascale- This just doesn't have the same feeling; its almost a little stuffy for a first name.
    Ophelia- I actually like this name with Seamus! Its a beautiful, feminine name.
    August- This just doesn't have as much personality as Seamus.
    Marigold- This is cute and sounds good with Seamus.
    Circe/Cersei- See August.
    Penelope- I could see this with Seamus, especially with the nickname Nell.
    Nora- See August.
    Adeline- Hmm maybe, but I think it may lack uniqueness.
    Estella/Stella- I don't know. Estella is Spanish and Seamus is Irish?

    To be honest I think Ophelia goes best with Seamus!
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    Sometimes I feel that my names are all over the maps! Seamus--Irish, Pascale--French, Estella--Spanish!! Maybe it is because I am a travel the world kinda gal. I guess I never really thought about having names from different nationalities as a problem.... hmm... something I will consider...
    Thanks for the help everyone I wanted to cut down my list. I have narrowed it down to:

    Seamus & Marigold
    Seamus & August
    or Seamus & Pascale

    tough decision!!!

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    Another vote for Marigold! I can just picture Seamus and Marigold as siblings so easily. Both names evoke little children with rosy cheeks and windswept hair from playing outside all day



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