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    Opinions on Tristran?

    My husband and I are currently TTC, so we've been thinking about name options for both genders.
    My husband ADORES the name Tristran, and I tend to like it also, but I worry about how others would take it, because it is a bit awkward to pronounce.
    Also, my friend has a son named Triston (pronounced like Tristan) and I worry it would be weird if we chose a name so close to her sons, but we also are a military family, and will only probably be living near her for another few years. She's really overly nice, and I know if I ask her she will tell me it's totally fine, but I wonder what others opinions on this would be, as I think her need to be nice would overwhelm her need to be honest.

    EDIT: What about Tristram? Same problem? I really like that extra "R" for some reason..
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    I thought it was Tristram? I wasn't aware Tristran was a name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I thought it was Tristram? I wasn't aware Tristran was a name.
    It sort of depends on your definition of a name. It's from the book Stardust, by my husband's favorite author.
    I also like Tristram, which to me, still falls under the same issues of: Is it useable? Would he hate me for just not naming him Tristan? Is it too close to Triston?

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    I think most people will confuse this name with Tristan - I know I kind of did a double take when reading your post title. If your friend's baby is named Tristan, I think Tristran is way too close.
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    Honestly I thought you had mistyped Tristan. I fear this is a problem a Tristran is going to come across a lot. Tristan is rather popular for children at the moments - I think the mis-spelling issue is more prevalent because of that.
    I adore Tristan but if your friends are good friends, people you feel you would be friends with for the rest of your lives, even if they didn't live a block over. Then it is too close to Triston if you are worried about stepping on their toes. If they are friends of proximity - no matter how sweet and accommodating - I wouldn't worry too much about the names being too close. Chances are (if you are both military families) that one of you will be reposted in a couple of years and you will grow apart. In which case I really wouldn't worry about the names being too close. Honestly, if Tristran is THE name I would give them a heads up but I wouldn't ask for permission. It's the name your son will have for the rest of his life, and YOU need to love it.

    Side stories: a) I grew up with two Scott's that were best friends and whose parents were close and they both loved the name - the boys thought it was amazing to have the same name as each other and I never heard from either of the parents that they had issues with the other boy having the same name. I wouldn't find it ideal but I also don't think it's insurmountable. b) in college our group of friends had a Katy and a Katie. We started calling them Y and IE and they loved it. We used to split teams by if you had a y or an i/e in your name - they always became team captains and we made a big joke out of it. You could do the same with TristOn and TristrAm. Or they are like Alpha and Omega. Find a way to make it cute and make them sort of equal instead of fighting over who has more ownership over the name and it doesn't have to be such a big thing.
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