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    How to honour these names?

    I would like to find a name that starts with the initial D to honour family names of Donald & Dusko (pronounced Doush-ko). Donald is Scottish, Dusko is eastern European. Is there anything berries can think of to help please?

    Also is there a way to honour the name Hugh other than Hugh, Hugo or Hudson?


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    Another question....

    Is D'Angelo a name? This, for some reason, came to mind when I was trying to think of a name that honours a combination of Donald, Dusko, & Angel.....? But is it legit and could it work as a middle?


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    DeAngelo, Deangelo, D'Angelo - It's a modern created name; states it originated in African American usage. It would be fine as far as honoring your family names, but to me it sounds slightly dated/80's. So does Angelo though. (?)

    Dusko is completely new to me and totally cool, I love encountering new names! I had to look it up.. Slavic (Serbian, Croatian, etc) meaning "soul, spirit." Awesome. You could honor it with the name Duke, if you're that adventurous!

    The neat thing is that Hugh also means "heart, mind, spirit" and an angel is a spirit messenger/spiritual being, so you could honor all three of these names together!

    I love the name Hugo, but if you don't, what about the dapper & masculine Hughes, as a middle?

    A very cool Greek name meaning "spirit" is Spyridon - and that incorporates Don from Donald too. In fact, there are tons of cool boy names ending with "don" which could honor Donald... Corridon, Graydon, Keldon, Waldon, etc.

    Other middle name ideas honoring Angel, Dusko & Hugh:
    Andelko - Croatian form of Angel
    Anxo - "AN-sha" Galician form of Angel
    Malachi - "my messenger, my angel"
    Evangelos - "good messenger"

    As for first names starting with "D" - I like Driscoll for you! It means "descendant of the messenger" which is perfect - I think it is so cool, and he could be nicknamed Cole if you wanted. Or what about Donahue, to honor Donald & Hugh? Or... Dalton, Desmond, Devon, Donovan, Dominic or Dorian. (All of which contain "Don.")

    Some combos for fun...

    Driscoll Hudson
    Dalton Hughes
    Desmond Anxo
    Dominic Andelko
    Devon Malachi
    Donovan Hughes
    Dorian Evangelos
    Donahue Andelko
    Duke Spyridon

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    Wow Peanut, you are a hub of naming inspiration... Thank you for your very thoughtful & thorough reply. Glad I could introduce you to a new name like Dusko - having married into a slavic family I have had to learn a few new names & pronounciations along the way . I had previously thought about Donahue as a way to honour both hugh/Donald but it hadn't quite engulfed me... I do like the idea of Donovan ... And I love your suggestion of Malachi. We would only be able to use the D name as a middle but the combos are great food for thought. Appreciate your valued input.

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    I just thought of Hewett & O'Donnell as well?

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