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    Shilo - I love some of your suggestions! Corey has already veto'd Juniper, Willow, & Artemis. And our close friends have a daughter only 4 months older than Azula named Estelle, so that and any other close variants wouldn't work. I have to think a little about Astraea & Nova, but I do really like them, and I think Ceres is wonderful!

    Ottilie - Marzanna was totally your suggestion - and it is gorgeous! And would be fitting for our little winter baby. I showed it to Corey and he is thinking about it. He says he likes it but it takes some time for names to grow on him. I like Athene, I'll see what Corey says to that. Your other suggestions are great too, I especially appreciate Eira, Ceres & Ondine. I have a book of names just of gods & goddesses but nothing has jumped out at me from there yet. Maybe I ought to go over it again!

    Suzywoo - Esparanza is one of my favorites too. If we had to pick one from our list (I guess aside from Athena or Indira) that would be my top choice. Corey says he loves the style of Valencia, but we haven't found other names that give that same feel.

    Sorceress - I have always loved Marina, but my husband isn't on board. And I hesitate to use any name that plays off Mary since thats my mom's name and she already has a nod to her with Azula's mn. If we were going to use some variant of a family name I'd rather spread the love a little.
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    Personally, I think Lavender would be a great complimentary middle name to Azula Rosemary. Some other names for you to consider:


    Just some names I think that would compliment Azula (:

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    Jacinta- Spanish version of Hyacinth from the flower and also Greek mythology. The French version, Jacinthe, is also pretty.

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    I think Indira is lovely with Azula

    Azula Rosemary is beautiful must be hard to find a name you love as much.

    Winona Sage
    Olympia Sage
    Ariadne Sage
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    Gaia Sage

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    milo2011- It really is. We had Azula picked out for a girl years before we even conceived, so we didn't have to stress as much about her name while I was pregnant. Rosemary as well as being beautiful and earthy and a nod to my mother (Mary) gives her a few options (Rose, Rosie, Rosemary or Mary) if she decides she doesn't want to go by the beautiful but unusual Azula. We'd love to give our second child an equally exotic name and a more "down to earth" middle in case she doesn't want to go by something special and unusual. Indira is so pretty and it does really fit the bill, I have just started calling the bump Indira the last week or so and it doesn't feel right just yet. I might get used to it but I'm not confident about it so far. Thanks for your suggestions - I particularly like Gaia.

    lynneinlove - Thanks for your list. I do really love Lavender but my husband prefers Sage or Saffron if we're sticking with the herbal category. Indigo is a great suggestion but I'm thinking it might be too themey for us since Azula is a play off Azure (another shade of blue). We do like Pandora as well but my husband thinks it might be too "dark".

    mimiottawa- Cool suggestions! I really dig Jacinta but am not quite sure how to pronounce it. I looked it up but it seems there are a few variations of pronunciation. My brother's name is Jason & he says if the baby comes on his birthday (which coincidentally is my due date) I should name the baby after him, so Jacinta might work if I let him have his way! I quite like Amber as a name but I have met too many unappealing Ambers to consider using the name for our child. I like Moira but Corey doesn't.
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