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    Help needed on final name! Aren or Jens?

    Which name for a baby boy with Danish heritage, Aren (Ah-ren) or Jens (Yhens)? I realize Aren may be mispronounced Aaron, and Jens will be likely pronounced as it sounds, the American version. But time is up and these are the two names that have survived the process so far.

    Aren Lev Kellogg
    Jens Elias Kellogg

    Any thoughts, suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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    Hi orca, I am really liking the flow of Aren Lev Kellogg. I think Aren Lev is quite handsome and if occasional mispronunciation isn't a big deal then I say go for it!!

    Jens Kellogg sounds possessive to me, i.e., Jen's Kellogg not mine; also when I hear Jens pr. "yhens" I think "yens" as in "really wants" or "Chinese dollar."

    Thus Aren Lev gets my vote! Yay!

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    I like Aren better than Jens.
    I think people will sometimes say Aaron but I think this slight correction isn't that difficult
    to wrap their brains around. People learn how to say and spell Siobhan correctly Aren won't be such a big deal.
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    renrose Guest
    As much as I like Jens, I think Aren Lev is lovely

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    Middle name, for Aren?

    Elias could a middle name for Aren, so:

    Aren Lev Kellogg
    Aren Elias Kellogg

    Any thoughts on these? All much appreciated!

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