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    So I was on Pinterest when I saw that someone had misspelled the name Megan. Its my name so I have seen every spelling out there but Meggin was a first. I have see Meghan, Meaghan, Meagan and so forth.
    After I cringed and said "why spell it that way", it got me thinking.

    How creative is too creative, where is the line drawn?

    I also saw a Melodye, Lura, and Willim.

    p.s. not trying to offend anyone if their name is Meggin. or Melodye, Lura, and Willim.

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    I think a spelling is too creative if you can't even tell how you're supposed to pronounce it (Xowi for Zoe), or if you simply don't have a valid reason for doing so.
    Meagan, Meghan, Meaghan and Meggin are all too creative to me, unless you are honoring someone with this.
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    My basic "rule" is if it's a familiar/historical/accepted name then use a spelling that is accepted. There are a few names that have a couple spelling variations based on what language they are mainly used in (Catherine vs. Katherine). German or French people changing a letter in a name because that letter isn't used that way in their language is completely different than arbitrarily adding y's and h's and double letters. I would never change the spelling on a familiar name to make it a version that hasn't existed.

    It's one of my biggest pet peeves that there are so many variations of certain names (Michaela, McKenzie, Caitlin, Madeline, Kayla, etc.). It's truly ridiculous how far people take it in search of "uniqueness". It's such a misunderstanding of terms and a misdirection of priorities.
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    I agree with the previous poster. I think choosing between Kathryn, Katherine, and Catherine is a normal thing to do. I've seen Megan, Meghan, and Meagan - all of them are acceptable, in my opinion - but Meggin? I just...what? When there are already so many spellings to choose from, why not choose one of those? I once met a girl named Kaytlynne. I mean, honestly, you could call her Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Caitlin, and a bunch of other ACCEPTABLE spellings - and you choose Kaytlynne? Honestly. It's ridiculous.

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    I also think when it's a historically accepted theory. For Meghan I prefer that spelling probably because it's how the Meghans I'm related to spell their name but Megan would be fine too. Meggin and a lot of other names just feel like they wanted to use a common name but of spell it uncommonly to be creative or something. Which is something I just don't understand since most of the time when we have confusion about shared names it's not something that is written.
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