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    double middle name combos for Alder

    Despite the lack of love Alder gets on nameberry :-( we have decided to use this one anyway! now we're onto middle names! Which are your favorites?!

    Alder Franklin Grey
    Alder Everett Ross
    Alder Everett Fitz
    Alder Everett Grey
    Alder Marion Fitz
    Alder Marion Grey
    Alder Quinlan Fitz
    Alder Quinlan Grey
    Alder Atticus Fitz
    Alder Atticus Grey

    Franklin is honoring DH great grandfather
    Everett = honoring DH father
    Ross = honoring my father
    Fitz = my mother's maiden name
    Marion = honoring DH grandmothers (Mary & Marie)

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    I like Alder Atticus Grey.

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    I posted on your other thread but I like Alder Everett Ross to honour both grandfathers.

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    #1) Alder Quinlan Grey ! OMG, love it.
    #2) Alder Everett Ross Still wonderful.

    I don't think I've seen you post on Alder before, but I am surprised you didn't get many cheers for it. I love Alder... the sound and especially the beautiful images of alder trees it brings to mind.

    P.S. I didn't vote for the Atticus combo like the majority seemed to because that name seems to be all the rage right now and it's kinda spoiling it for me.
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