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    Help me find the right combination please.

    So my heart is pretty set on Liv <3 and I want to use it as a first name But I'm confused about her middle name.
    Which combination do you think is best?
    We like:

    Liv Melanie. I love the name Melanie.

    Liv Emily. The hubby loves the name Emily.

    Liv Irasema. Pronounced (Ee•Ra•Seh•Mah) very unique.

    Liv Adeline. Not too sure about this one.

    Emma Liv. But it doesn't begin with Liv

    Amy Liv.

    And maybe

    Liv Abigail. After her mom

    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Liv Abigail has the best flow for me!
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    Liv Melanie...ooh, or how about Liv Melody?
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    Best Wishes To All

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