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    What do you think of the name....


    I have absolutely loved this name ever since I saw Pearl Harbor back in 2001. I had never heard it before and I think it sounds so handsome. I don't like Rafferty or Ralph as long form names, just Rafe as it is. The problem is that every time I mention the name to someone they make me repeat myself and say, "It sounds like rape!" I always tell my family to be prepared to dislike my future kids names because my taste is so different then all of theirs. lol. I really love the name but I'm so worried that if I ever had a son named Rafe he would get made fun of. What do you think? Do you like the name Rafe? Would the possibility of being misheard as "rape" stop you from using the name? Thanks for your thoughts!

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    My sister and I both love the name Rafe, but it is very similar to "rape". My sister still has it on her list though.
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    It's also a nn for Raphael, along w/Rafa. I would never associate rape w/Rafe.

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    I wouldn't associate Rafe with rape either! But if you can any doubts, look for an alternative.. I met a toddler last year named Reef, I hadn't heard that as a first name before.
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    To be perfectly honest, that's what would stop me from using it, although it is appealing on paper. Also I've gotten the impression that in Britain, Rafe is, or at least used to be, considered a very pretentious and snobby pronunciation of Ralph; can any Britberries shed light on that?

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