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    Does Bodhi work? Other ideas for our sibset?

    Hi berries! We're now expecting our third We have two boys: Kellan Christopher and Gavin Rhys. Kellan there is no special story here. We really struggled to pick a boys name but were set on Christopher in honor of DH's father. But he is most definitely a "Kellan". With Gavin, we were actually set on naming him Rhys but in the last couple of weeks we changed our minds and he became Gavin Rhys.

    While our boys have Anglicised Irish names and/or Welsh names, we aren't set on that particular style. In fact, one name we are drawn to is Bodhi primarily for its meaning. Maybe it's not a good fit though? I'm wide open to suggestions! To give you an idea of what I like, I'm very hooked on Sonja Wren as our girl name choice.

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    I love Bodhi! I've only heard it once before (very unique) and it flows very well. The meaning is very light and inspiring. I'd say go for it!
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    I should add that if we use Bodhi, what goes well with it? Is it better as a first or second name?

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    I can see Kellan, Gavin & Bodhi as brothers although the latter certainly is from a different name genre. Maybe it sounds enough like "Brody" to flow with those Gaelic-rooted sibling names! I personally am rather weak-spirited when it comes to names that I expect to correct pronunciation of for years, but I cheer on the sturdier souls who aren't worried about it. I think Bodhi has entered the American consciousness to enough of a degree that it's not as big a deal anymore (Point Break, Bodhi Elfman, etc).
    You didn't mention it, so one point to consider is whether your family has any particular religious affiliation? For example, if your husband is a Baptist pastor, or Catholic mass is a huge part of your everyday life, etc, etc,.... than naming your child after a principle of Buddhism might seem a little incongruous! :P I happen to think it's a great principle, but it's something to be fully aware of, if you're going to use the name!

    With Kellan Christopher & Gavin Rhys, perhaps give Bodhi the Gaelic-root middle name, to link him with his brothers:

    Bodhi Calhoun
    Bodhi Ellis
    Bodhi Emmett
    Bodhi Finnegan
    Bodhi Griffith
    Bodhi Kendrick
    Bodhi Lachlan
    Bodhi Lennox
    Bodhi Nelson
    Bodhi Patrick
    Bodhi Quinlan
    Bodhi Sullivan

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    Thank you for the suggestions! I'm not entirely convinced this is the way to go. I always have such a hard time with boy names and finding "the one". We actually aren't strongly tied to any religion however my husband feels a deep connection to Buddhism after having spent so many years travelling through Asia and the Pacific Rim. So the name certainly does have a deeper meaning for him - which is why I could see us incorporating it, maybe even as a middle name.

    But then I have to wonder if this is going to turn into one of those names that people name their dogs...

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