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    Nice list, except for the trendy ones. Scarlett is my favorite.

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    Being brutally honest, and hoping you don't hate me after...

    Alice - Love it.
    Adelyn - Hate it. Not fond of anything ending in -lyn, feels ugly.
    Charlotte"Charlie"? - Charlotte is pretty but rather dull. Charlie is unpleasant and grating and trying too hard to be cute.
    Katerina "Kate" - Pretty, like it a lot. Thanks for not spelling Kate with a C.
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie" - I'm fond of Cassie as a nickname, but prefer Cassia or even Lucasta to Cassandra.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise" - I don't like Elisabeth with an s and I find Lissie insipid and weak. It'd be fine in elementary school but I'd hope my daughter would grow out of Lissie by the time she's 12.
    Annabel - I love this, it's dark and sophisticated. I hope you don't call her Annie though.
    Rosalie - I like other Rose names but Rosalie feels oddly too-young and too-cute.
    Scarlett - Hate it. Feels tacky and trying to be sexy.
    Anneliese "Annie" - Hate Annie for any name, and much prefer Annabel to Anneliese.
    Emmeline "Emmy" - This I like though!
    Lucy - I have known/loved Lucys but I don't particularly admire the name.
    Elaina "Lainie" - Harsh, whining sound. I don't like "lain" in any name.

    Some "trendier"/weirder ones I like:
    Mackinley - Dislike, dislike.
    Kensington "Kenzie" - K is hard to make look classy. This isn't it. I only have a handful of okay K names, the rest look like trendy or pretentious garbage to my eye.
    Calleigh - Is there something wrong with Callie? I love Callie. And I love it for a lot of longer forms as a nickname. But I hate -leigh as a suffix on anything.
    Hadleigh - No. Halle or nothing.
    Everleigh - No. No Leigh, no ever, just no.
    Anistyn "Annie" - Stop this madness.

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    I like Kate/Katerina! Katrina is also nice that is my cousins name but she goes by Katie.

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    Alice - like. NMS but nice.
    Adelyn - dislike; prefer Adeline, beyond which I prefer Madeline, Madeleine, and even Madelyn.
    Charlotte"Charlie"? - love Charlotte. Charlie is cute, but I would use it more as a term of endearment than an official nickname. Wouldn't want to lose Charlotte!
    Katerina "Kate" - Katerina is ok. Love Kate.
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie" - don't care for Cassandra or Cassie, but I love Cassia on its own. (I like the Cah-sha prn)
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise" - my sister and my best friend are both Elisabeth's and both have the nn Lis (prn the same as Liz), so I am biased here.
    Annabel - love.
    Rosalie - love.
    Scarlett - love.
    Anneliese "Annie" - love.
    Emmeline "Emmy" - love.
    Lucy - meh.
    Elaina "Lainie" - dislike.

    Don't like any of the trendier list. But overall I really like your first list!

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    Thanks for the responses!

    Comments on your comments...
    Adelyn - I kind of like Adelaide, but I don't like Adeline or any other AD names. Madelyn/Madeline is super popular where I live so I'm trying to stay away from that too
    Elisabeth - This is a family name that appears in my family tree at least 6 times, and all of them are spelled Elisabeth not Elizabeth. Therefore, it will definitely be spelled this way. Also, I like the nicknames Elise and Lissie better than Eliza/Lizzy/Liz.
    Annabel - would not have a nickname
    Rosalie - Already low on the list because of the twilight association
    Anneliese - (ann-uh-lees)
    Emmeline - (em-uh-leen) Yes, I know a lot of people like em-uh-LINE better, but I don't. I also know it will be pronounced incorrectly a lot

    ****** I put the "trendier" names in a whole separate list because I consider them a completely separate list from the rest of the names I like. I know most people don't like these kinds of names and that they don't age well. However, I do think they're really cute. In general, I am not a risk taker, so it is extremely unlikely that I will ever have a child with one of the names on the second list, except maybe as a middle name.******

    For everyone who said they hoped I didn't hate them after their brutally honest opinions... I asked for brutally honest Thanks!!
    Current Favorites:
    { Charlotte :: Alice :: Adelyn :: Nora}
    { Jack :: Leo :: Elliot }

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