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    New England
    Alice- Perfect, classic, beautiful
    Adelyn- Prefer Adeline
    Charlotte"Charlie"?- Do not like this name. Stuffy and way over done
    Katerina "Kate"- Love Kate or Katherine
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie"- Nice name, don't like the nicknames.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise"- perfect, popular, great nn choices out there.
    Annabel- Love
    Rosalie- Love
    Scarlett- I used to love this name, but it's lost it's shine for me.
    Anneliese "Annie"- I prefer Annalie
    Emmeline "Emmy"- This one is growing on me. I see the appeal
    Lucy- Cutsie, hard to see on a grown woman, although I know tons of grown women have this name.
    Elaina "Lainie"- Do not like at all. NMS

    I do not like any of these names at all. Hadley ( spelled like this is OK)
    Some "trendier"/weirder ones I like:
    Kensington "Kenzie"
    Anistyn "Annie"

    *Magnolia Anouk /Evangeline/Evelina Charlotte Rue/Junia Evangeline/Viviana Wildflower/ Georgiana Soleil/Sylvie Wilhelmina Moon/ Guinivere Ione Moon*

    *Alive, Amoret, Cordelia, Olive, Beatrix, Eugenie, Marigold, Luna, Snow, Matilda, Fleur, Florence*

    *Augusten Wolf/ Magnus Jude/August Jasper/Jude/Cyrus Jude/Lev*

    *Osias, Caius, Finlo, Westley,Ivo, Grey, Thatcher, Ignatius, Hawthorne, Benedict, Atlas, Asher, Hugo,Caspian, August *

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    Alice -Love this
    Adelyn - Not my favorite. It seems a little too trendy/made-up for me. But it has positive ties to Madelyn/Madeleine and Adeline
    Charlotte"Charlie"? - Love! and the nickname is super cute
    Katerina "Kate" - I like this name, but I prefer Katarzyna or Catalina
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie" - I love Cassandra and both nicknames
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise" - Personally, I'd spell it Elizabeth, it's less complicated. I don't really like Lissie or Elise as nicknames, but I love Eliza.
    Rosalie - pretty, but somewhat indulgent (in my opinion)
    Anneliese "Annie" - Love the nickname Annie, but never liked Anneliese.
    Emmeline "Emmy" - Emmeline looks a bit grim to me. I'd spell it Emmaline
    Lucy - Love this
    Elaina "Lainie" - Lainie is cute, but I prefer Elena to Elaina. It's sleeker, more sophisticated. You could call her Leni/Lenie

    As for the others, I dislike Calleigh, Everleigh, and Anistyn, But I think Mackinley and Kensington are very cute, and so is Hadleigh if you spell it Hadley.

    Kensington "Kenzie"

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    Alice-- like but don't love. this name just kind of falls flat for me.
    Adelyn- meh. not a fan. I know people went wild over Madelyn and Madison a decade or two ago, but removing the "M" doesn't make the name new to me.
    Charlotte "Charlie"?- love. Charlotte is so beautiful and classic. Charlie has so much spunk and character.
    Katerina "Kate"- like it a lot. I think it's a lovely alternative to the traditional Kate.
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie"-- meh. I've never much liked Cassandra. It seems a little fussy to me.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise"-- this name never goes out of style. It's lovely and classic... but at the same time, I have known so many Elizabeths that it feels a little boring.
    Annabel- not a fan. I imagine a little dairy cow.
    Rosalie- meh. too saccharine for my tastes.
    Scarlett- I'm oddly not a big fan of this, I think because of the Scarlet Letter
    Anneliese "Annie"- like but don't love it.
    Emmeline "Emmy"- meh.
    Lucy-- adore this. Simple and full of spunk
    Elaina "Lainie"- prefer Elena. I'm not sure I've ever seen it spelled "Elaina" (not that it can't be)

    Some "trendier"/weirder ones I like:
    Mackinley- really not a fan
    Kensington "Kenzie"-- not a fan
    Calleigh-- not a fan of the spelling and not a fan of the name in general (reminds me of Caylee Anthony)
    Hadleigh-- not a fan of the spelling. Hadley is marginally better.
    Everleigh-- not a fan of the spelling. Everly is marginally better but I really don't like that name, personally.
    Anistyn "Annie"-- please do not name your child after Jennifer Aniston. And if you must, please don't spell it kree8tivly.

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    Haven't read responses yet as not to sway my opinion
    Alice- nice, sweet. Sounds a little quiet, but a really lovely classical name
    Adelyn- I really like the sound but visually, the spelling (which I actually think is the best spelling to get the Lynn pn on the end) isn't as pretty as it sounds.
    Charlotte"Charlie"? Love Charlotte, but think SO many people have used it, expressly to get the spunky charlie nickname, that it seems too popular now. I would be thrilled to meet a Charlotte that went by lottie these days.
    Katerina "Kate"- can't bash it, that's my nick name too
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie"- I like it, a little dated but it's a gorgeous name. I know one who goes by Casey which is also popular but I really like that it has that longer form of Cassandra.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise"- I dearly love Elizabeth. If you feel strongly against the many other nicknames though, I'd be prepared to almost never call her anything but the ones you do like, to make those stick.
    Annabel- very cute, and I love the Poe poem, but it is a little hard to imagine on a 40 year old business owner, for example.
    Rosalie- maybe it's because I know one my age (late twenties) (because you could say the same as Annabel) but I think this one ages better.
    Scarlett- very strong and feminine to me, but hard to imagine on a shy girl. I also wonder about nicknames. Lettie maybe?
    Anneliese "Annie"- gorgeous, ages gracefully, cute nn for early years. Wonderful
    Emmeline "Emmy"- so cute! Nickname of my best friend too so I'm biased but like Annie above, it ages and is versatile.
    Lucy- always want a longer form for this name but do like Lucy. Cute and quirky, studious or carefree.
    Elaina "Lainie"- I like this one but I wonder if many people would mistake it for Elaine, much like what happens to laura/Laurens and Carolyn/carolines.

    Some "trendier"/weirder ones I like:
    Mackinley- much prefer McKinley, but it's ok.
    Kensington "Kenzie"- not my style these days, though I liked it about ten years ago when it was less known. Now it seems a bit down market.
    Calleigh- prefer callie.... Always prefer the most straightforward of spellings.
    Hadleigh- same as above regarding spelling. Seems a little made up the more I say it aloud (like combining any combo of had-, ken-, hail-, Bryn-, etc with a -ly or -sly ending)
    Everleigh- Everly was on my list recently and is a guilty pleasure (guilty in that it sounds made up even to my own "rules") it may make it on my real list as a middle with a more classic middle... My favorite of your trendy name choices.
    Anistyn "Annie"- don't care for this spelling. She'll have to spell it all the time and get used to people switching the i and y, or adding/subbing in an e anywhere... Much prefer Annabel to get Annie.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I see you've already gotten a lot of feedback, so I'll try to keep my responses short!

    Alice - Boring!
    Adelyn - I like it, but only as long as you nn her Addie. Have you considered Adeline, Adelie, or Adelia? I like all 3 of those more than Adelyn.
    Charlotte"Charlie" - Always loved this! No complaints, except Charlotte's getting pretty popular!
    Katerina "Kate" - Cute! I prefer the nn Katie, but Katerina is nice. Have you considered (not that I like these more necessarily, just other options that are similar) Katrina, Catarina, Catalina, nn Cat, Kat, or Kit Kat?
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie" - Love Cassia! How about just plain Cassia instead of Cassandra? Cassie feels a bit old and not fresh to me.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise" - Why can't you spell Elizabeth properly? It looks flakey and awkward with the s. What's wrong with Lizzie, or Elize? Z looks so much nicer! Your daughter would be forever correcting everyone who tried to write her name! Elizabeth is a classic, but it's starting to feel old, boring and dated, even to me and I like Classics.
    Annabel - Annabelle is more my style, but not really a fan.
    Rosalie - Cute!
    Scarlett - I like it.
    Anneliese "Annie" - Annie is nice, but if you're not french, than IMO Anneliese is not for you. It's a very french name, so unless you teach your kid to speak french, I wouldn't use it.
    Emmeline "Emmy" - It's ok, NMS.
    Lucy - I like it. Not great, but it's ok.
    Elaina "Lainie" - Lainie is really cute!

    Some "trendier"/weirder ones I like:
    Mackinley - No. That's too weird. How about Michaela or Mackenzie?
    Kensington "Kenzie" - Like Kensington Market in Toronto, Canada? Weird name, but cool place. How about Mackenzie nn Kenzie?
    Calleigh - Kaleigh is nice. Cailey is ok. Kylie is NMS. Calleigh is not a nice combo of those names.
    Hadleigh - No. Too weird.
    Everleigh - Lovely but spell it Everly or don't use it. Everly is already plenty unique, you don't need to add the misspelling.
    Anistyn "Annie" - Are you trying to say Anniston, like Jennifer Anniston? The celebrity? I don't like it either way.
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