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    Looking for brutally honest opinions on my list

    I really want brutally honest opinions of the names I like! Feel free to suggest other names I might like or combos.

    Katerina "Kate"
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie"
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise"
    Anneliese "Annie"
    Emmeline "Emmy"
    Elaina "Lainie"

    Some "trendier"/weirder ones I like:
    Kensington "Kenzie"
    Anistyn "Annie"

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    { Jack :: Leo :: Elliot }

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    I am going to hope this is what you meant by brutally honest.

    - Alice - Nice but bland, needs a sparky middle name or an interesting surname to perk it up.

    - Adelyn - I don't know how you pronounce it but if it has a -lin ending as opposed to an -line ending, I don't like it. If it does have a -line ending it might be beneficial to spell it with that.

    - Charlotte - It's cute, perhaps a little bland, but I like Charlie and Lottie as short versions.

    - Katerina - I like it. I like Kate. Yes.

    - Cassandra - I like this one too. Lots of diminutives, lots of options for the girl to choose from.

    - Elisabeth - A classic, it's a good name.

    - Annabel - It's not my favourite but I don't have anything against it.

    - Rosalie - Cute but Twilight.

    - Scarlett - I like Scarlett, I really do, but I really hate 'Scarly' as a nickname (I mean why?) and it colours it all for me.

    - Anneliese - It's a name. Neutral feelings.

    - Emmeline - Not especially my style, but it's a good name, I like it a lot.

    - Lucy - I feel like Lucy's going to get really popular soon, not that it isn't already. With good reason, Lucy's a great name with a cool meaning.

    -Elaina - Makes me think of Elaine, which makes me think of middle aged women. Probably not the thing everyone thinks of but ...

    -Mackinley - No.

    -Kensington - Not actually that interesting a borough of London. Good museums though.

    - Calleigh - I prefer Callie, but you do you.

    - Hadleigh - I guess. I prefer Hadley though. It looks a bit drawn out.

    -Everleigh - I'm starting to see a pattern here. I like Everly as a middle name. That's pretty cute but Everleigh looks like constantly explaining how your name is spelt to everyone. Ever.

    -Anistyn - I don't get it. Aniston? As in Jennifer Aniston? Why would you name your child or yourself after her? Do you like Friends that much?

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    Alice- I really like Alice, but it is starting to lose it's sparkle for me.
    Adelyn- Dislike the -lyn. Prefer the "Adeline" spelling.
    Charlotte"Charlie"?- Charlotte is adorable, but I don't care for Charlie. Lotte/Lottie is much cuter.
    Katerina "Kate"- Alright. Doesn't really jump out at me.
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie"- Have never really cared for Cassie, but Cassia is pretty.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise"- Like this.
    Annabel- Love Annabel (this spelling especially).
    Rosalie- Alright, but still reminds me of Twilight. Prefer Rosalind.
    Scarlett- Very Gone with the Wind. Not a favorite.
    Anneliese "Annie"- I like this, but like Katerina, it doesn't jump out for me.
    Emmeline "Emmy"- Not a fan.
    Lucy- Like Lucy, prefer that it has a longer variation.
    Elaina "Lainie"- Don't care for it.

    Mackinley- Dislike. Too trendy. Dislike the sounds.
    Kensington "Kenzie"- Also don't like.
    Calleigh- As in Kaylee? This spelling is hard on the eyes, the double l seems unnecesary.
    Hadleigh- Also dislike this spelling. Stick with Hadley.
    Everleigh- Another one I dislike. The -leigh ending feels so unnecessary with all of these names.
    Anistyn "Annie"- Dislike. I find surnames unnatractive, and while Jennifer Aniston is neat, I can't wrap my head around naming a baby after her.

    Sorry if I seem super harsh! I like your main list, but our styles are super different when it comes to your trendier list.

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    Alice - This is my sister's name. I love it, and it has done her well so far. Gets mixed up with Alison sometimes, but don't let that stop you. It's simple and classic. Understated beauty.
    Adelyn - I prefer Adeline, or Madeleine.
    Charlotte"Charlie"? - I like Charlotte, but Charlie is my brother's name- so it's all boy to me. Charlotte is a bit overdone right now, but still a beautiful name. I like Lottie as a nickname, because it cute and more feminine than Charlie.
    Katerina "Kate" - My friend's name, she goes by Katie. It's nice and Kate is a sweet nickname.
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie" - I like the full name and Cassia, but not Cassie.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise" - Love this name. A classic that will never get old.
    Annabel - Nice, not really my style though.
    Rosalie - Also nice, same as above. I would prefer Rose or Rosa but it is beautiful. Would be a great sister for Katerina.
    Scarlett - Will always love this name!
    Anneliese "Annie" - Cute! I know a bunch of young Anneliese's but it still seems classic rather than trendy. Any Anne name is just gorgeous to me.
    Emmeline "Emmy" - Not a fan. I prefer Emma or Emily.
    Lucy - So cute. Always a bit of a fav, even though it is getting popular.
    Elaina "Lainie" - Kind of neutral on this one.

    Some "trendier"/weirder ones I like:
    Mackinley - Nope.
    Kensington "Kenzie" - Hate.
    Calleigh - Why not spell it Caley? I hate this spelling here. Also it's so overdone.
    Hadleigh - Spelt Hadley is not bad. Male name, but one of the ones I don't mind on a girl.
    Everleigh - I prefer just Ever. The -leigh endings are terrible.
    Anistyn "Annie" - NO NO NO. Just name her Annie. Anistyn is so so terrible.
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    You asked for brutal honesty, I did my best.

    Alice- I love this name, it is wearable and sweet and girly without being too frilly. It ages well. Love the Alice in Wonderland association
    Adelyn- I like it, but prefer Adeline (can be pronounced Add-uh-line or add-uh-leen)
    Charlotte"Charlie"- I like it, but it seems to be getting popular. My dog is named Charlotte "Charlie", so I have positive associations with the name.
    Katerina "Kate"- Not my favorite, but I love the nn Kate.
    Cassandra "Cassia/Cassie"- I love Cassandra. Some may say it is dated, but I still think its pretty wearable (its not like Jessica or Jennifer). I like the nns.
    Elisabeth "Lissie/Elise"- Elisabeth is in the top ten in the US. While I've yet to meet a young Elisabeth, the popularity worries me. While it is classic, it seems kind of boring to me.
    Annabel- I like it, but prefer it as a middle. Its just too frilly for me.
    Rosalie- Same as Annabel. It doesn't rhyme with most names, so its nice for a middle. But too frilly for a first name for me.
    Scarlett- I'm reading Gone with the Wind right now, so I'm really into the name Scarlett currently. Its getting pretty popular though. I prefer it for a middle.
    Anneliese "Annie"- Never been a fan of this one. Too princessy. Prefer simple Anna. Or Anastasia.
    Emmeline "Emmy"- I like this one. I have a character with this name so it reminds me of her. Its one of the nicer Em names. Its not popular yet, which is a bonus.
    Lucy- I like it, but I think it's overrated. Prefer it as a nn for Lucia, Lucinda, etc. Too nicknamey for me.
    Elaina "Lainie"- Not my favorite. I prefer the spelling Elena as well. Its okay and totally wearable but kind of boring at the same time.

    I can sometimes see the appeal with trendy names, but I'm not a fan of most of these, so I won't mention them.
    Calleigh- What's wrong with Callie? A teacher is going to have fun trying to figure out what her name is. Even Cali is easier than that.
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