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    Which combo is the keeper?

    On my list now, one of my top names is Clio! Love the name... its modern and spunky with historical weight via its mythological connection. My fave combo is Clio Isadora. BUT my reservation is that it sounds like a nickname especially next to sibling Matilda. Another one of my longtime favourites is Clementine... A reservation I have is that there is no intuitive nickname I love for it.... But Clio works (if you really use your imagination question to you berries are:
    1. Do I use Clementine nn Clio (a stretch yes!!!) or just Clio?
    2. Does using an 'O' middle make it less of a stretch? My two faves are Clementine Ottilie or Clementine Ophelia... Do you like either of these? My fave non 'o' combo is probably Clementine Pearl.
    What do you think with sibling Matilda?
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    I would choose Clementine for Matilda's sister. Clio is made up of 3 of 4 letters contained in Clementine so although it's not an intuitive nickname, I don't think it's too much of a stretch and it would certainly work. Either of the "O" names would clinch the spelling!
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    You could name her Cleotha and then call her Cleo. It sounds a bit fuller than just Clio next to her sister Matilda's name.

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    I love Clementine Ophelia/Ottilie nicknamed Clio as a sibling to Matilda!
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    If she will be called Cleo, then I would name her Cleo. I think it works just fine with Matilda. I prefer Clementine, but I think you should give her the name she will be called. I don't care for Isadora in the middle.

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