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    I'd name them like siblings. Maybe I'd choose names starting with the same letter (something like Alexander & Abigail, Not Anthony and Antonia).

    Two girls: Nova & Peighton
    Two boys: Blayze & Phoenix
    One of each: Nova & Phoenix
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    Hate wouldn't do matchy twin names (except James and Jude for Identical twin boys ) but I wouldn't name them like they were two singletons either mostly because their names will be said together more often than not. I would want their names to "match" in terms of style and popularity and be on an be the same "quality". I know a set of twin girls named Calista and Savannah. It bothers me a lot that Calista is so much rarer than Savannah and it means "most beautiful" which could be taken as she is the more beautiful sister. I feel is unfair to Savannah whose name is so much more popular and doesn't have that spectacular meaning.

    My favorite twin combos:
    James and Jude - I know this is kinda match but I love the way they sound together
    Kate and Lila
    Jack and Oliver
    Alice and Eloise
    Eliza and Samuel
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

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    Yep, as a sister of twins I am heartily opposed to the overly matchy twin name thing. They'll experience enough backward-thinking, twins-are-the-same-person BS in their lifetimes, they don't need it from their own parents. What it says to me is that the parents didn't bother to thoroughly research twins and are therefore not going to be very good parents to twins. Which isn't necessarily true, it's just what I can't help but assume.

    What constitutes overly matchy twin names is up for debate. I'm kind of with Mischa in that I think they should match in style, but no more than a regular, singletons sibset.
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    I'm kind of on the fence with this one. On one hand, twins are indeed individuals, but on the other hand, their names will more often than not be uttered in the same breath. So definitely no Joel & Noel, Polly & Molly, Michael & Michaela, or John & Joan. I like connections such as:

    Peregrine & Lark

    Jasper & Ruby

    Ian & Jack

    Rocco & Craig

    Where there is a subtle tie, but not an "in-your-face" twin.
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    I am a twin and hated my name matching my sister's so closely. However, we went to school with a set of twins named John and Jonathan. What was that more thinking?!

    I would name mine names I love that do not match.

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