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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Naming twins should be approached in the same way as silbings - the names should be different but complementary... Twins and other multiples are INDIVIDUALS first and foremost and this should always take precedence over anything else
    I agree with Mischa. You are naming two unique individuals who will often be compared to one another. As a twin I would encourage parents to give twins their own names and encourage them to have their own identities.

    If your going to do to cute and matchy, use the middle names.

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    I'm also a twin and I am firmly in the camp that we are siblings and do NOT want matchy names. If I had twins, I would name them as though they were siblings and nothing more. Matchy names are hell for twins (I know two named Emily and Molly and they hate it).

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    I agree with previous posters, twin names should be approached the same way as naming siblings. I actually don't know many sets of twins, but the few sets that I do know have quite good combos in my opinion.

    Megan and Laura
    Ellie and Drew
    Grace and Anya (I love this one <3)
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    I like them to be cohesive, but not matchy, which is exactly how I feel with normal siblings. For example, I feel like having two daughters named Aurelia and Harper is just odd because they're so different in style, regardless of whether they're twins or not. Matchy sibling names make me weep. I don't mind themes in the middle names, but definitely not as first names.

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    I kinda like it if there's some connection, and I'd definitely try to match them in terms of beauty and rarity, but sound-alike names are irritating.

    My favorite twin combos are:
    Phoebe and Daphne
    Gideon and Phineas
    Verity and Liberty (bit weirder but I still like it)
    Calvin and Wesley
    Tess and Jude
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