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    Would you assume Grey is a boy or a girl?

    Hi berries :-)

    If you hear someone be named Grey would you assume it's a boy or a girl?

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    To me it would be a boy

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    I think color names are unisex. Grey is also a surname, which further makes the case for it being either/or. I don't know any boy Greys (Grayson, yes, Grey/Gray, no), but I would not be shocked to meet one. I do know a couple of girls with Grey as a middle, and I think it's lovely. Good thing, since it's my husband's frontrunner for a mn for our daughter. I do prefer the Grey spelling to the Gray spelling, btw.

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    Grey/Gray is a boy. It doesn't have a feminine feel to me at all. It's also typically a part of Grayson and Graylen/Grayden, etc. which I feel makes it even more masculine.
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    As a surname or word name, it is technically unisex. However, I would hesitate to use it as a first name for a female due to outmoded societal attitudes that are still rampant. Men and women are viewed differently as they age and turn gray (eg. men are viewed as "distinguished" as they mature while women are judged more harshly and are seen as just "old" or "past the shelf date"). Therefore, I think the name is more suitable for a man as a first name. Am I reinforcing these stereotypes with my previous statement? Yes, probably. However, in my defense, I think it works for both genders as a middle name. I do admit to a guilty pleasure soft spot for the name Grayling (a type of fish) and I prefer it for a girl. Go figure.
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