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    It's A Girl! Help!

    We just found out that we are going to have a girl (due Jan. 29th) We are over the moon, but now completely overwhelmed at the thought of naming her. We already had a boys name agreed upon:
    Grant Matthew Curry- it has family significance and we loved it
    Girl names are so much more challenging! We want a name that will grow with her well, and one that will not close doors to her (I just can't see a Supreme Court justice with a super feminine or cutesy name).

    Other criteria:
    Easy to pronounce
    Easy for her to spell (I'm a former kindergarten teacher)
    Not too unusual
    Does not end in c/k (so it does not flow right into our ln)
    No 2 syllable, -y or -ie ending names (sounds too matchy-matchy with Curry)

    So far I like the names:
    Grace (but we'd like to use Grant if our next is a boy)
    Caroline (I prefer this spelling but worry about mispronunciation, have considered Carolyn)
    Danika (but I hate the nn Dani with the last name curry)
    I also like the uber-popular: Olivia, Emma, Ava, & Ella
    Would like Ada, if hubby's name wasn't Adam

    Berries, please help me out!

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    My favorite from your list is Claire. I love the alliteration of Claire Curry and to me it easily sounds like the most popular girl in school or a Supreme Court justice. The only name I don't particularly care for is Danika, but all the others are really lovely. As a Katelyn, I can chime in that it was annoying sharing a name with soo many others- but that probably isn't an issue nowadays. And Caroline and Carolyn are two different names, so I'm not sure which you are going for... But both sound great with Curry as well! Good luck, and congrats!

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    Caroline is pronounced Care-o-line. Carolyn is Care-ol-in. No matter which you go with, it will be pronounced wrong a few times, but people will learn.
    I like Evelyn, but a common nn is Evie, how do you feel about Evie Curry? Same problem with Kaitlyn (Katie Curry - but this is actually really cute!). I like all the names but I'm not a fan of Danika or Dani. I knew a Danika, and everyone called her Danika, not Dani until she asked them to call her Dani, and even then we didn't really. But she was a very mean girl, so maybe that's why I really hate the name Danika.
    Some other ideas:
    Ellen (I know this breaks the rule, but I think it works!)
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