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    @babtr1ll - NO, my girls were NEVER easy to tell apart until they were almost four! I belonged to a mother's of twins' club, and every single other mother in there swore she could IMMEDIATELY tell her twins apart, from their cries, or their eyes, etc...and me and my husband just couldn't! We worried mightily about mixing them up, and painted their nails and got them name bracelets and after one month had their ears pierced with different colored earrings because we couldn't tell who was who! It was nerve-wracking indeed! LABEL all of your photos, that is my one piece of advice. They are ten now, and of course now they have unique personalities and we can tell them apart no problem...but when looking back at baby photos unless I labeled them NO ONE has any idea who is who, not even my twins themselves! Also - give them unique names!!! (which it seems you are doing). My twins do NOT like to be confused and I was going to name them two names with the same initial but am so glad I did not now. I would say try to have their names feel balanced, and the same length, etc...but different! Hope this helps and does not feel like me lecturing you - it's just that twins are a whole different ball game then singletons, imo!

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    I don't know how I feel about using Robin with your surname (even in the middle position). Robin Wright is a pretty well-known American actress (The Princess Bride). I'm not sure how important that is to you, but I would still avoid using it in the middle name closest to your surname (For example, it's less noticeable when in the first middle place as in Jude Robin Frederick).

    Arthur Florian Edward is one of the best names I've ever heard. I'm having a hard time finding the magic in any of your choices for Boy#2.

    My choice would be Frederick Lucian Jude. I don't love Frederick with your surname (as you've mentioned, Frederick Wright is a little difficult to say), but I think Frederick Lucian Jude matches brother's name the best. Jude Lucian Frederick would be another option. I just really like Frederick and Arthur together!

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    Jude Frederick Lucian would be my pick with Arthur Florian Edward.
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    I really love Arthur Florian Edward. I think Frederick sounds the best with Arthur, though I really like Jude too. I like Frederick Leo Jude and Frederick Robin Jude best.
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