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    babtr1ll Guest
    @charliemc09 - Thanks for your suggestions, I think James and Henry are both lovely names, but are a little too popular for my liking! As for Louis, I like the French connection, but not too sure, what with the new Prince and everything :/

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    babtr1ll Guest
    Ok, so after all of these wonderful suggestions, the name list for the second twin has indeed been updated, and it is as follows:

    Robin (But only as a middle)

    As for Arthur, what does everyone think about middle names - one, or two?

    @cannebella - So sorry for not thanking you, I must have just missed your post! I'm now beginning to think that Frederick might actually be my favourite so far! Thanks for the example, I'm not too keen on Fred, but Freddie is cute Don't really like Art though, I think he'll just be Arthur.

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    @saracita00 - Hmmmmm... You do make me think! I know what you mean about nicknames, and I'm not really digging Fred or Rick, but Freddie is cute, so I wouldn't mind that. I wouldn't shorten Arthur's name, and I guess I could just call Frederick "Frederick". I'm not really too fussed, and I do really like Frederick!

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    I love your naming taste. Arthur Florian Edward and Frederick Lucian Jude would be my picks for two middle names - which I'm voting for!

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