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    babtr1ll Guest
    @claireelise - Haha! I do love Edward and Frederick, they're beautiful names. You're right, Arthur and Frederick are a very pretty pair - I'll have to think about that one! It's funny, because I also really like Simon - although my husband isn't too keen. Gideon and Edmund are two of my favourites from your suggestions. Thankyou for your help

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    bailibsmum Guest
    Arthur & Elliot
    Arthur & Theodore (Archie & Theo)
    Arthur & Joseph (Joey)
    Arthur & Thomas (Tommy)
    Arthur & Albert. (archie & alfie/bertie) < thats got the cute factor!!

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    @bailibsmum - Thankyou for your suggestions - I particularly liked Arthur and Theodore (Theo is another one I love, but my husband doesn't much like the long form). Also, I'd never really thought about nicknames for Arthur, so thanks for that. Not quite sure about Archie, but it's got me thinking! I agree, Archie and Alfie/Bertie is cute, but not too keen on two names beginning with the same letter :/

    @saracita00 - I completely agree! Arthur and Frederick would be lovely! But do you think Frederick would be shortened to Fred or Rick? Not sure about them. Arthur and Jude would be very cool too! As for your suggestions, my favourites would be Edward, Theodore and (surprisingly for me) Finnegan. I also quite like Caspian, although I'm not sure what my husband would say!

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    You have a wonderful taste in names! Many of them are also on my list. I think Arthur and Frederick would be a dashing set for twin boys. I know a Frederik who normally goes by his whole name, some people do call him Freddy sometimes. I personally think Art and Freddy are also lovely together.

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