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    Middle names for Sophia

    I'm currently re-vamping my favourites lists, but I'm having trouble coming up with a middle name for Sophia. I prefer not to have short, filler middle names (such as Rose, Grace, Ann, Louise, etc). Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    Some thoughts

    Sophia has 3 syllables and you don't want one syllable: 2 or 4(+) will usually sound best (but plenty of 3 syllable names will work well)
    You probably want to avoid names that start with S or Z, which is quite close.
    You probably want to avoid names that start and end in A.
    You may want to avoid names with some of the other clear sounds: a loud O, an F sound.
    You may want to avoid names that start with a vowel.

    Here are some:

    Sophia Beatrice
    Sophia Beatrix
    Sophia Caroline
    Sophia Catherine/Katherine
    Sophia Clarice
    Sophia Colette
    Sophia Helene
    Sophia Nadine
    Sophia Patrice
    Sophia Pauline
    Sophia Violet

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    (Gee, I love Willow Estelle from your signature!)

    Sophia Adeline
    Sophia Catherine
    Sophia Eve - short, but def not filler IMO
    Sophia Audrey
    Sophia Lucille
    Sophia Eleanor
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    Sorry for any repeats...

    Sophia Willow
    Sophia Violet
    Sophia Marie (Marie is a bit filler, but it goes REALLY well with Sophia in my opinion)
    Sophia Janette
    Sophia Vivienne
    Sophia Jessamyn
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    I agree with the OP that Sophia Marie sounds fantastic together. It came to my mind right away when I thought of a middle with Sophia.

    Sophia Lenore
    Sophia Renee
    Sophia Michelle
    Sophia Nicole
    Sophia Danielle

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