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    Just wondered if there are any mums to be, mums or Ttc ladies that are into their arts and crafts. Since I found out I was pregnant I've been crocheting a blanket for the little one and been looking at making mobiles etc. I don't have the patience to knit clothes I don't think plus my mums a great knitter and is knitting away.

    Last year I cable knitted bags as Christmas presents which was my proudest knitting achievement so I might attempt a cable knit arran for baby at some point

    Just wondered what if any of you where making or crafting anything at the moment and what's your proudest crafting achievement
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    I was going to make a thread just like this one! I do all sorts of things: historical costuming, lampshades, quilts, cards... At the moment I'm making a 16th century Italian outfit to go to Comicon with my friend. I also got the ok from my friend to go to Hampton Court Palace dressed in it

    I'll post a picture when it's done.

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    I'm into cross stitch. I made a birth sampler for my niece last year and plan on making one for my baby when I'm pregnant! Right now, I'm making a Christmas themed one!
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    I did a cross stich elephant for Ayla's wall. I also made fitted bassinet sheets and cirtain ties. I had planned to do bunting and have been meaning to do a name sign for her but it hasn't happened. Ive made one skirt and a hat for her since she was born... I hope to sew simple dresses and tops for her, maybe soon Ill work out how people find the time!
    I dabble in painting, sewing, and cross stitch And so far my scrap booked photo albums are pretty up to date. Yay!
    My sister knits and my mum started quilting when A was born, she made a beatrice potter quilt which is pretty awesome!

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    Not even close to being a mom but I have crocheted baby blankets for so many friends/family members kids it's not even funny. I think I've made 15+ in the last several years. I also painted letters for my cousin's baby girl to match her bedding. It was a semi-surprise, since my cousin had told me she wanted the letters and linked me to the bedding but then never mentioned it again, so I went ahead with it and gave them to her at the baby shower as a gift... right after she told me she had changed her mind and was thinking about a canvas instead! As soon as she saw them she fell in love though. They're right above her daughter's crib I also have a friend who used the blanket I made for her son's newborn shoot, I was so honored!

    Right now I'm working on a Christmas stocking for my cousin's daughter. Our grandmother taught me how to crochet and she had made all of us knitted stockings for her mantle at Christmas... unfortunately she passed away 3 years ago so it's up to me to continue the tradition! I'm teaching myself to knit with the help of my godmother so hopefully it will be done and look decent by Christmas. About halfway there!
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