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Thread: Crafty

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    Apr 2013
    Right now I'm working on my daughter's (2) Halloween costumes. I'll likely make dresses for her for thanksgiving and Christmas, too!

    I also enjoy scrapbooking, but haven't gotten the chance in a while.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    Lots of crafty people here, I used to make jewellery but have recently not had time so am trying to master crocheting, knitting and card making.

    Charlieandperry1: your blocks sound amazing, and I'd love to see you personalised prints.

    Greyer: Stockings I'm very impressed, I'd love to do someone like that. Me and middle sister have knitted stockings with our names on them but my youngest sister doesn't because the lady stopped knitting them - I'd love to make her one. My crochet blankets is awave one, I'm also attempting a granny square one.

    Leadmythoughts: I've never tried scrap booking, what's her Halloween costume? I made a spider costume a few years ago and always fancied making a hungry caterpillar costume - I started it once but didn't finish it.

    Tulitree and Sarahmezz: my youngest sister had recently started cross stitching, so I'm hopefull she cross stitch something for baby being born

    My mums just suggested having a handmade Christmas this year as baby's due in March so ill need to get my thinking cap on what to make my dad.
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    I love crafts, but I almost never get time to make anything once school starts. Currently, I'm production designing a thesis film that takes place in a kitschy house, so I get to do lots of crafts for that one! My plan is to make really pretty things for the set and then bring them home once shooting is over to beautify my rather bare apartment. I'd actually love some suggestions--anyone know any good kitschy house crafts?
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    Haha, her costume is the very hungry caterpillar! Except a Girly princess version, so striped green tutu, and making the face on a hat.

    I'm also making her a sheep costume with lots of cotton fluff.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    I'm not so much crafty as I like trying to do things on my own.
    I have been a little to busy lately to really start a new project.
    Also with all my friends having LO's I've started out on working on house made "safe" cleaning agents, bug spray, etc.
    I've also been making collages digital collages for people.
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