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    If you start solids with non baby lead weaning we were told to do this:
    Start with one meal a day, I think ours was lunch, can't remember. You start by giving meals straight after a bf and they don't take much, maybe a teaspoon or two. You can either start with rice cereal or one type of purée, pumpkin, califlower, avocado, apple etc. what ever food you start with, stick with it for 2-3 days before introducing a second food. Do that for 2-3 days before introducing a third food and continue you like this (its to make sure there's no allergies. You can mix foods your babies already tried together but need to wait a few days between introducing new foods so you know what foods may cause a reaction if their is one.
    It can be helpful to mash foods with breast milk to begin with so the flavors are somewhat familiar.
    When your child is taking the first meal well you can offer another. Once they seem happy with eating 3 meals a day you can start giving the solids before a breast feed instead of after. By 9mnths they should of tried soft finger foods, well cooked carrot sticks, polenta fingers, avocado and watermelon slices, and rusks. (In Aus they encourage you to try them as early as 6mnths (which I guess links in with baby lead weaning concepts) but I understand in the states the recommend waiting longer?)
    I started offering a cup with boiled water at about 9 or 10 mnths. We've never given A juice (she's 1). If its a hot summer you can give them small amounts of water at a younger age. Check with your health nurse / pediatrician.
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    We found this website to be very helpful during our transition to solids with our twins.
    It has recipes and advice. Good luck!
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    I started Roo on fruit and vegetable purees and it's working like a charm. I started with apples, and she's had no problem eating veg after. We don't do cereal, but I've started giving her formula in addition to the breast milk. I follow the method of Annabel Karmel, she's a British baby weaning guru.
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    Thank you ladies! I dont think im too worried about weaning yet but want start foods so she will hopfully seem satisfied.

    I never heard of anyone skipping cereal, my pediatrian made it sound like the best thing & it is also the most common start that I was originally aware of.

    So you ladies think its better to start with purees &skip cereal all together ?

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    In Europe and Australia, "weaning" means starting solids, as opposed to the US where it means stopping milk or formula.

    Some pediatrician still recommend formula, but many recommend skipping it. More awareness about the ingredients and nutrition in general is what's causing people to surpass it. It definitely won't hurt to start with purées.

    Personally I'll be skipping because babies fed cereal first have a higher chance of obesity and diabetes later in life, plus prefer the taste of starches and sugars, and I'd rather give her food that I know exactly where it's coming from, and white rice has almost no nutrients in it.

    Lots of people think its fine, though, and many other factors effect baby's future diet and eating habits more. It is easy to digest and pretty much allergy free, so I can see why some parents choose it.
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