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Thread: P.J.?

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    The first thing I assume when I was reading P.J was pyjamas but I don't think it's bad. Although I would have give him a more formal name something like Percival James etc and call him P.J but if you love it I don't think just initials is a problem.I read in another thread thar there was a girl named just E not short of nothing. Just E. If E works P.J is definitely not a problem.

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    I do agree with most of the above comments, that P.J. on its own would be a bit incomplete. However, if you wanted to call your child P.J. as a nickname, then you could give them two names, one beginning with P, and the second with J. Like lucialucentum said, they don't have to be names you don't like - choose something you do! Here's some suggestions for the initials P and J:

    Paxton (Pax)
    Percival/Perseus (Percy)
    Philip (Pip!)

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    P.J. is fine for initials but a guy should have something more substantial to fall back on, if he so chooses. I'd pick names that start with each initial.
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    My experience with initial names:

    - Three of my family members had initial names on their birth certificate. When they were looking for a job or other things that had to do with the government, they would have to put down a more solid name. For example, D.C., went by Derrick Charles or L.J., went by Benjamin.

    - My sister wanted a P.J., too. So she went through 'p' and 'j' names that would fit her preference. Some people call her P.J., some call her by her given name. And at times she goes by her middle. She has plenty of options.

    - I went to school with a girl named Bee Jay (BJ). I was not that familiar with her, I just met her a couple of times. She could have spelled it numerous ways: Bea Jae | Bee-Jay | Bi Jay | B'Jay | etc. She would always get asked what it stood for and would have to explain that it was her full name. I suppose if you like the idea of P.J. you can spell it out-- Pea Jay. Although, I would not recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valerie2 View Post
    I wish this person would write this comment on names that actually are bad, for example, a few threads under this one someone wants to name their kid Pendragon, If I was a guy, I'd rather have the name PJ! If people think the name means Pajama's then what's wrong with that? Pajamas are comfy! If my name was Pendragon, they'd call me a fire breathing dragon and I'd hate that.
    Hi valerie2 - This is Mischa aka "this person". On the thread you mentioned, I discouraged Pendragon as a first name choice as it would be a hard name to pull off in real life. But I did say that it would make a quirky mn choice. The middle spot is a great location for parents to go a little wild! We don't use our middle names very much. At least Pendragon shows some level of imagination so I'll give the poster credit for that trait. However, I wouldn't be able to say the same thing regarding someone who chooses initials for a child's name. Using initials (or numbers for that matter) for an individual's name just dehumanizes them in my opinion. They become a THING not a PERSON. This is a baby names forum so everyone is passionate and holds strong opinions regarding names. Different strokes for different folks. Diversity is the spice of life.
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