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Thread: P.J.?

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    P.J. is starting to really grow on me. But the thing is, I like P.J. I don't like something like Peter John or something. Just P.J.

    I guess what I'm wondering is is it okay to consider a name that's just initials?

    Feedback appreciated, berries!
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    Really? I'd like to say this delicately: I think it is a very bad idea to name a child P.J.

    Initials are not names. They're nicknames created by initials. Your child needs a name.

    (Is this one of those "it's Saturday" jokes?)

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    I know an adult male (early 20s) who only has initials. He finds it strange.
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    Have you seen the Disney cartoon of Robin Hood, the one with the foxes and lions and "Prince John the Phony King of England"? The first thing I thought when I saw P.J. was from that movie: "P.J.! I like that! Do you know I do? Hiss, put that on my luggage." It gave me a smile. I definitely wouldn't use it as a name, though. I have heard of people getting initials as names, and that it almost always causes logistical headaches on forms and such.

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