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Thread: Jobe vs Jude

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    Jude is Biblical, classic and cool. Jobe is a misspelling of the Biblical name Job so I don't like it. I dislike changing spellings of long-established names just to get the correct pronunciation. I think Jude would be much more usable in the real world than Job/Jobe.
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    I like Jude better because when I saw Jobe I sat here trying to figure out how it's pronounced and that's never a good thing to me!

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    I like both names, and agree they are too similar for brothers. they're in the Jonah, Jonas, Jove family of names, all of which I love.

    My question is, why would you add an "e" to "Job"? You may have an uneducated few who pronounce Job as "jobb" --but you'd also have people who pronounce "Jobe" like "Joe-bee." six of one, half a dozen of the other, so why not just spell it correctly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    I'm confused as to whether Jobe is supposed to prn "jobe" or "joby." I have heard Britberries say that "joby" is a term for...well, poop. I wouldn't use Job/Jobe/Joby because of that.
    I was just going to say about the poop thing. I think it's more of a Scottish word but I might also be used in England and for that reason I don't really like Jobe. Jude is much nicer.

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    I love them evenly; which is no help to you, is it? And sadly, they are to close for siblings : ( Maybe you could get away with it with twins : )
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