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Thread: Jobe vs Jude

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    Jan 2013
    I prefer Jobe (rhymes with robe) over Jude. Actually my favourite is Jove but that wasn't an option.
    And yes too close for brothers.

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    My BIL & SIL had the exact same dilemma only recently! They now have a gorgeous 8wk old Jobe, pronounced like the biblical Job. In the end they decided on Jobe so they could call him Jobie when he was little.

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    Is there a reason not to spell it Job? I like Job & Jude equally. However, I would think Jobe is pronouned like Kobe (Bryant). That could be my Jobe a common spelling?

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    I vote for Jude.

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    I'm confused as to whether Jobe is supposed to prn "jobe" or "joby." I have heard Britberries say that "joby" is a term for...well, poop. I wouldn't use Job/Jobe/Joby because of that.

    Jude makes me sing The Beatles every time. Always makes me smile.

    I wouldn't use them as sibling names.

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