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    I need a magical middle name for Nettle

    If you haven't seen me around, I am the crazy nature namer. My kids will grow up to be fairies apparently (that was actually a response I got from someone on another naming site back when I wasn't bold with first names and was considering Foxglove as a MN for Rhoswen. Funny, tongue-in-cheek story I guess on why I call my naming style "Posh woodland fairy")

    Anyway. I am name crushing on Nettle. I don't obsess over nicknames (neither of my kids have real world nicknames, just endearment names), but Nellie and Nettie come to mind as options. Nettles remind me of my childhood as I used to pick bouqets of flowering nettles for my mom. My mom was recently diagnosed as being in the early stages of dementia and I feel this name is a way to honor her. They are also very healthy and have uses in medicines and teas. I feel a name like this should have a "magical" middle name to compliment the tree-huggingnish of the first. Ones I am considering are:

    Flutura (Albanian for 'butterfly')
    Niamh (I don't mind alliteration. Our last name is Wakefield, so it's not like it's a triple N)
    Genevieve (name stealing from another name on my list)
    Arwen (too out there to use a Tolkein name?)

    I am open to suggestions. I am looking for something that has a significant meaning, is from mythology, is a nature name in disguise (Yara, Philippa, Flutura as examples), or just feels magical in general. I really love Welsh, Gaelic, and Celtic names either in their pure forms or Anglicanized. This name will probably end up in my top 5, so I will probably be over-analytical. It's a challenge, I guess.

    EDIT: Also thought I would add that I am of Russian/Irish/Polish descent and my husband is English/Dutch/Japanese. Kind of gives you a variety of cultures to play with.
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    I'm sorry but I need to say this. You've got Goldenrod on your first name list and you're wondering if ARWEN is too out there for a middle name? Arwen's a completely normal name, Goldenrod sounds like an award given to skilled adult movie actors.

    I think Nettle Niamh and Nettle Ceridwen would be beautiful options. I really like your Nettle story, it sounds like it is very significant to you, and it's a lovely plant. I know people with Nettle as a surname so I would choose something feminine in the middle.

    Nettle Marzanna (Slavic mythology, Goddess of the dead and winter)
    Nettle Aine (Irish Goddess of Midsummer and the sun)
    Nettle Titania (the queen of the faeries )
    Nettle Cicely (too much nature? Cicely's also queen of the elves in The Faerie Queene)
    Nettle Albinia (Etruscan Goddess of the dawn)
    Nettle Cressida (Cressida's so feminine and I like that it reminds of watercress next to Nettle)
    Nettle Belladonna (too much? But it's fabulous....)
    Nettle Rusalka (Slavic mermaid/nymph)
    Nettle Melusine (an other worldly creature, mermaidesque)
    Nettle Elfreda (elf strength!)
    Nettle Florisdelfa (an enchantress in Arthurian romances...)
    Nettle Godiva (the lady who rode naked through Coventry...)
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    Love your list of middle names, but it seems I spend half my life combing nettles from my pets' fur, so I have a strong negative reaction to using that as a name. I do love the thought behind your impulse, though. Perhaps Nettle in the mn spot?

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    Nettle is so cute; it's on my GP list.

    I just picked random nature-y/animal names off the top of my head.

    Nettle Aurelia (a species of jellyfish)
    Nettle Arianrhod
    Nettle Ayelet
    Nettle Amaya/Amaia
    Nettle Delphine
    Nettle Marina
    Nettle Morrigan
    Nettle Rosamund
    Nettle Sephora
    Nettle Silvia
    Nettle Viola
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    Nettle Persephone!

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