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    Based on your own description of each name, I think these are YOUR favourites:

    Victoria - great name and you both love it!

    Francesca - fantastic vintage name. Frankie is an old nickname, no one will use it unless you encourage them to, just as Jim is no longer the automatic nickname of James

    Audrey - great name but getting popular, how does DH fee about it?

    Lydia - ditto

    Imogen - ditto





    Evelyn - great name with Eve or Evie as nicknames, would be equally great as a middle name

    Rose - this is a standard middle name the world over but if it honours a relative I would definitely consider it

    With six weeks to go, I would abandon any names that you both don't love. I tried for months to get my husband to agree to a name I loved for our third and finally with a month left to go I gave up and started searching for more names. With only ten days until the dd he finally agreed to a different name I found on nameberry! Thank God!

    Good luck!

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    I love mischa's suggestion of Evelyn Rose! Getting to honor 3 people with a name would be so special, and it sounds beautiful

    Others I like for you... Lydia Rose, Genevieve Rose, Victoria Rose, Alice Victoria, Imogen Victoria
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    You have a fantastic taste in names!

    My top 5 are:

    Imogen - on my list. Probably my top girl name, it's adorable and I love the nn Immy.
    Lucy - Another personal favorite. It's pretty, light, and sweet.
    Francesca - I love the name. I had a friend named Francesca, and that's what she went by. No one called her Frankie or anything like that.
    Charlotte - A favorite of mine, but I can;t use it because it's the name of my stepbrothers' half-sister.
    Evelyn - very elegant. I like it.
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    Audrey/Aubrey - I love Audrey elegant, light, and feminine. Whereas Aubrey feels slightly trashy.

    Genevieve - Gorgeous name, has a lovely French flair and is just effortless. I also love the range of nicknames. I really don't see there being any pronunciation issues. In all honesty the name feels easy to say and looks easy to say.

    Lydia - Despite dodgy NHS advertising association with this name, she really has grown on me. Lydia has a sweet sound and looks pretty.

    Alice - A nice name, elegant and wholesome. Alice has a pretty sound. But if you feel your loosing it, ditch the name.

    Francesca - Lovely name! I love the Italian feel of this name, she's familiar but not common. You could use Cesca as a nickname?!

    Imogen - I like Imogen she has a lovely upper-crust British sound, a great Shakespearean name.

    Daisy - I like Daisy she's sweet and effortless. But then in retrospect I do think to myself 'would I want to be a 30 year old Daisy?'

    Charlotte - Persuade him!! I love Charlotte it's a lovely wholesome name, has a sweet edge and just feels wholesome.

    Molly - Ugh never liked this name, so popular in the UK, it's unattractive and reminds me of moles not good.

    Penelope - Love this name it's sweet but if Penelope is a no-no you'll have to eliminate it. Suggestion Pandora?

    Rose - It's a sweet name, has a lovely sound and works well as both a first and a second middle name.

    Olive - I like this choice, an intriguing retro name.

    Poppy - A lovely floral name. She's sweet and has lovely connotations.

    Evelyn - Hey you guys Tori101 here!! Just revisiting your question, I've probably commented on most of your names already! But hey you always pull me in ; ) thought I'd calm myself down with a bit of nameberry. After being scared stiff at the cinema, after watching 'The Call' great film incredibly scary. Anyway onto your names. Evelyn is great and I love that it incorporates the honouring of your mother. Fantastic suggestion if I do say so myself. Really honoured by the way that you listened to my suggestions!

    Lynette/Evita - I'm unsure on Lynette I would prefer Lisette? Evita is a little OTT for me.

    Victoria - My name, I really love Victoria it's elegant, demure, and has a lovely classic name. Victoria is very pretty, I love my name.

    Aurora - hmmm unsure about your concerns in all honesty I think Aurora is elegant and has a lovely fresh sound.

    Vivienne - I love this name it's elegant, has a great French flair and has a pretty sound. I also love the 'Vivi' nickname.

    Laurel - Okay I like Laurel because it's wholesome but at the same time I wouldn't name my child Laurel if that makes sense.

    Lucy - Totally understand your concerns I cannot stand Lucy!! Reminds me of the word 'loose'.

    Millie - If your in the UK Millie is becoming popular but she is a lovely name and does feel fresh. You could use Millie as a nickname for Camilla? Or Camille?

    Good luck x

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    I like the above suggestion of Victoria Rose!

    Some other possible combos:

    Evelyn Victoria
    Audrey Victoria
    Aubrey Victoria
    Victoria Evelyn
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