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    Debacle: magnolia vs Penelope

    I have a sweet baby girl waiting for her name. I am torn trying to choose the proper name for her! I love the name magnolia Nn noli... When I heard it I thought this is it. The other day I almost called her Mongolia so now I'm not so sure. Her middle name will be Constance after her grandma. I know this is a big name and that's what I'm worried about. Penelope is a back up for magnolia but I don't think I love it. So I need some input- am I dooming her to a name she will hate? Any ideas to shorten Constance ? I did like other mn's but I think someone told grandma we might be using her name so there's no turning back now? I really appreciate your advice my husband is tired of talking a bout names.

    Magnolia Constance
    Penelope Constance

    Other mn's I liked : sky, Uma, Isis, ulma, ????

    Thanks for your help!

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    Both beautiful. Penelope would probably be my baby name choice - but it is becoming far, far too popular. I think it will end up top ten in the next few years.
    I say go Magnolia Constance, its gorgeous x

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    Magnolia Skye is my favourite by far! I agree with pp about Penelope and Magnolia is surprisingly refreshing X
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    I love Magnolia & the nn Noli. I also love Penelope - but unfortunately suzywoo is right, it's much too popular. Magnolia could always go by Maggie, Nola, or even Lia if she ever wanted to. Magnolia Constance is lovely.
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    If you love Magnolia, by all means use it! Those around your daughter will quickly become accustomed to the name. I like that it's a flower, but less predictable than Lily or Rose.

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