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    @charlierandperry1 - Thank you - I feel the same way; after all, who uses their second middle enough that anyone would notice anyway?! The same goes for the hiver thing, I'm making a mountain out of molehill, I think! And Alastair is so charming - dashing is exactly the right word to use! If I ever have five boys, I'll try and work Alastair in there too... Thank you

    @casilda - I completely see what you mean and I agree - it's much more noticeable with one middle name, isn't it? And obviously first names would be a no-go for me as well. Thank you!

    @mischa - I think it would be a sweet connection too (although not all of them would have it...!) and thank you for easing my mind about the whole hiver thing. It wouldn't be much of an issue anyway, just a bit strange if we ever actually decide to move to France. Baudelaire and Fairfax are awesome - I had Baudelaire as a middle in a combination for my girl's names I think once, but I love it more for a boy, and Fairfax... Is just plain cool. Thank you!

    @vc2013 - Oh, I see what you mean, it must be harder when they are beginning with the same syllable! What Sol- names are you tossing up between? Thank you

    @ashleyjuliette - I know, I recently discovered it and it's not to everyone's taste, but I love it! Ivan/Ivo are names I like but they are just lacking in something for me. Possibly this -air ending that I am currently fixated on... Thank you!

    @giinkies - Isn't that cool? I have loved Altair for the longest time - that combination has been on my list since the beginning, I'm pretty sure, so I don't want to give it up any time soon! Thank you for Altair love

    @dantea - Woo, another sufferer (not that I'm rejoicing in your suffering!) - aren't they hard? They're all so gorgeous! Alair/Alaire has such a lovely meaning, and Baird, Clotaire and Voltaire (*gasp*) are incredible. Congratulations on your Voltaire FIRST-NAME agreement - I am very jealous. It has such a springy, bouncy feeling - such a happy name! Thank you

    @peanuts - I think it's cool as well! In fact, I'm so excited, I think it might be time to put it into the signature... Thank you for commenting, let's share the Ivair love! (ooh, that rhymes almost)

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