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Thread: Pendragon?

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    I don't care for it. Sorry! The nickname Penn is very handsome (and I think it could stand on its own) buuuuut I have a hard time taking a name with the word dragon in it seriously. It would be a neat middle name. Otherwise, I'd leave it on the guilty pleasure list.

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    I was looking for honest opinions! not like I'm pregnant anyways lol. Thanks for the input, I just can't get over how short Penn is. I like it but not as a full name. I've always been one for over the top names with many syllables.
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    I think it's more of a whimsical middle name option than a first. I do love Penn though. Although Pendragon Montgomery Knox does sound pretty amazing! I guess it would take a cirtain type if kid / man to pull the name off which is why I'd stick it in middle spot personally.
    You could do a P first name with Ben /Benjamin / Bennett in the middle to get Penn.
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    Peregrine (actually that could get you Penn all on its own)
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    I really like Pendragon. I have it on my list for a middle. That said, I do think the nickname Penn makes it pretty wearable as a first, even if your taste isn't all that out there.

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    Looking at your signature Pendragon is a big leap from most of your favorite. - Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.
    I think that a sib-set with Orion would be do-able but, considering the rest of your list would use it as a middle.
    Joseph Pendragon or Alaric Pendragon appeal to me most.
    But if you want Pendragon as a fn I'd go with Pendragon Alaric LN. Esp if you go with nn Penn.
    I think people are probably going to hear Penn Dragon 2MN LN.
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