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Thread: Wilson?

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    Jan 2010
    The only time I like last names as first names is to honour family members, and I really like Wilson. The other reason I like it is that I adore the nn Will. Wilson is definitely not nerdy!

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    Jun 2011
    I like Wilson, but did automatically think of Home Improvement. However, our kids will probably not get that association. I also think it works as a first or middle name.

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    casilda Guest
    I thought of Home Improvement and the volleyball on Cast Away.

    I think it would work best as a middle name.

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    I've known too many families with this surname so it doesn't appeal to me as a first name. If you have misgivings about the name, just use it as a mn choice to please your mother and honour the family connection. Remember that it's you and your husband who are naming THIS child, not your mother. She already had her turn.
    All the best,

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    I don't mind Wilson. There is always Winslow or Milton. Or William, Williamson, or Williams. I like Williams actually.

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