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    Lovely. We have an Ayla and are considering Cleo for number 2. Although Ayla may not appear to have the same history behind it as Cleo it is the name of a city in Arabian Nights and if spelt Aila is a nn for Aileen.
    Ayla is beautiful. Said "eye-la" it is also a Turkish girl's name meaning "the halo of light around the moon."

    Anyway, some other ideas. (Though I like Ayla very much)

    Iris - rainbow goddess, a flower that comes in many colours and varieties, some delicate and ethereal and some wild and hardy. Plenty of history as a name yet redolent with legend and magic. I see an Iris as a little more studious and quiet than a Cleo, but in a compatible way. I picture her as having a level of strength and tenacity under a 'good girl' veneer that peels away if she has to defend herself or a friend. This is also the one with no nickname options, putting it on par with Cleo.

    Esther- 'star' This is a name I see as brushed metal, grey and shimmering. It is regal but not snobby. I see an Esther having big thoughtful eyes. I see her as strong but she prefers solitary sport to teams - archery and wandering through the woods or swimming alone at the beach, not soccer or softball.

    The nickname thing is the killer. I could make a great argument for Susannah as far as history/weight but it is CRAWLING with nicknames. Same for Beatrix, which I love too. (Though I prefer Betty to Trixie)

    Phoebe has been suggested a bunch of times already but it's really good, considering the varied facets of Biblical/mythological/bird/astronomy meanings but still having a short, perky, lively feel. And little need for a nickname. A rarer option could be Luna.

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