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Thread: Effie

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    Really liking this (ok, I love the UK drama, Skins, and one of the lead characters, played by Kaya Scodelario, was named Effy, it got me hooked on the name, as well as the names Freddie, Anthony and Naomi) name, and I love it as a nickname, but I'm not sure what it could be a nickname for. All I have is:

    Elizabeth (Effy from Skins' proper name, not sure how it was shortened to Effy though)

    I like Elizabeth, but I'm not sure how it gets to Effie, and the only other one I like is Persephone. Any other names that Effie could be a nickname for? Also, could Effie be a stand alone name?
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    Effie makes me think of someone avoiding swearing, "what the eff!?"


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    Josephine? I don't really like it as a stand-alone name, but it's a cute nn. It feels more casual and childish than Evie, Edie, etc (which I think are fine on their own).

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    I think Effie is a cute's quite common in older ladies where I live. I've thought about calling my daughter Fiona, Effie. It's a stretch but could work.
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    I love Effie from Skins! I actually like it best as a nn for Elizabeth, and don't mind that it's not an obvious nickname.
    I think the nn in general is very cute and IMO, having Effie from Skins as a reference, it can fit someone a bit older too!

    To me, ElizabETH = Ethie (hard to say) = Effie
    (If you feel like you would need to justify it for Elizabeth)
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