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    I don't know if these are at all your style, but here are some actual girls that I know or have heard of that are really good at skateboarding:

    Mimi (after Mimi Knoop)
    Patti, Patricia, or Patria (after woman skateboarding pioneer Patti McGee
    Peggy (after Peggy Oki on the Zephyr skateboard team)

    Names with ties to skateboarding:
    Olive, Olivia with nn Ollie (or just Ollie by itself)
    Indy/India/Indiana (Indy grab..)
    Zephyr (after pioneer skate team)

    Names I like:
    Nina / Mina
    Isla (gives me an ocean feel..which gives me a skate feel. Wave riding and skateboard riding are related)
    Vera nn Vee
    I feel like I could think of a ton more so I will come back when i do
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    It feels dated for a kid born now, but every Alexis i know is a beach bum/surfer/skateboarder combo. So Alexis.

    I don't think there's really any "sporty" or "tomboyish" names, really. People make the name, not the other way round. I could name a kid Alexis in the hopes that she'd grow up to be like all the other Alexis's i know...but if i wanted her to be tomboyish or sporty, my best bet is to teach her to skateboard when she's young. Or to play sports or surf or whatever. And name her the name you like best, regardless of whether it sounds right for that type of girl. She'll make it sound right by being herself.

    Random story: my friend wanted her daughter to be a tomboy so she named her Michael. Because she figured how could a girl named Mike not be a tomboy, right? But her daughter is the girliest of all the girly girls and always has been. Kids will be who they will be, so i think your best bet is to pick the name that makes your heart sing, and just raise her how you want and it'll work out?
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    Harriet, all the way.
    I longboard, so I picture my kids skating, and I'm sure that it comes into play when I pick my favourite names!
    I can also picture Harriet being girly, smart, shy, outgoing, etc. which is important for me in a name!
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    I have always thought of Fia as a tomboy name. It's gorgeous but strong and just generally unfussy.
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    Thanks all of You

    @anna.bliss : Love Zoe , India & Nina . Thanks You
    @ameliawilliams : Love Alexis and i totallY agree with You . everY girl will become who she wants to be . thanks
    @silverr : Harriet is good but not mY stYle . thanks
    @pistachio : thanks . I like Fia .

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