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    One of my clients, a NYC socialite named her son this. I thought it was adorable!

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    I love Fox. The network connotation is unfortunate --especially outside the US where Fox News is so universally maligned. However, it's SO cute I would use it in a heartbeat. I also like the spelling Fawkes, as in Guy Fawkes.
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    The fox network Association hasn't crossed the mind of anyone I personally know when I asked a few people about it. But I am not that bothered by it though even though I'm very liberal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badger View Post
    I immediately think of actual adorable foxes, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Fox Mulder (not a negative as far as I'm concerned, as I loved the X-Files). I don't think of the "sexy" connotation right off the bat, and frankly feel that it's forced. Who the heck uses foxy as a synonym for sexy any more? I also didn't think of Fox News, and I'm quite liberal. I guess I give even staunch conservatives enough credit to not name their kid after a tv network

    Someone mentioned that it wasn't a very masculine animal name, and I LOVE that about it. Why all the aggressive animal names for boys? Wolf? Bear? I'd much rather my son be clever than a godless killing machine.

    Anyway, I'm not a very adventurous namer, so I would be most comfortable with it in the middle spot or as a nn, but I like it a lot. People will find a reason to hate ANY name, so if you love it, use it.
    Totally agree

    I love the soft and sleek feel of Fox

    And a safe way to get to the nn Fox is Todd or Reynard/Renaud. I have Todd as a fn compromise and Renaud as a mn compromise. It's a bit of a stretch but you could also go with a 'red' name, like Russel or Flynn

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    I like it, as an exception to my usual preferences: I'd give it as a middle name, and call him by the middle name. This is because so many legal documents require the first name, but not the middle name. Usually I would say to give the name you're actually going to call the kid, but since this one is so tricky, I'd use it this way. Depending on the profession your son wishes to enter, I think having Fox as a middle name and the nn everyone calls him would be the most versatile choice.

    Any kind of a professional job that would have a certificate hanging on an office wall is the acid-test for me on this subject. I would be weirded out to go to a doctor named Fox Smith. But I would think it was awesome to see Milo Fox Smith on the certificate and find out that everybody calls him Fox. Or, if I went to a technician to fix my computer and it said Fox on his nametag but Milo Fox Smith on the certificate, I'd think that was pretty cool too. Honestly, I'd be frightened to go to an attorney named Fox. Or a car dealer named Fox.

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