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    My main issue with the name "Fox" is it just seems sooo try hard.
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    "What does the Fox say?"

    Anyone else? No? Viral video currently running rampant around the internet. If you haven't seen it already look it up on youtube, it's worth the laugh. Right now it's all I can think of whenever I hear/see/think about foxes, but that will pass soon.

    But yes, I do still think it's a bad choice for a first name. It's a homonym for "f**ks" and like PP's have mentioned, it's teasable and trying too hard. It's not super horrible; there are worse names out there, but I would seriously reconsider.
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    When I hear Fox, for whatever reason I compare it to Tiger Woods. Indiscretions aside for this point, his animal/nature name never held him back. I don't know about any potential teasing, I think kids will find a way to tease any name if they have the will. I think it most definitely works in the middle spot and at least if you have a strong solid resume-proof first name then he can always fall back on that as an adult should he so choose.

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    I like it.

    I will say my brother's middle name is Wolf and he's always liked it. But he does say it's probably convenient it was a middle name.

    I like it up front. I'm rather fond of nature names - Heath, Jasper, Ash, etc. As far as specifically animal names for boys I like Fox, Wolf, Ari, Arthur, Corbin, Callum... but I don't like Leo, which seems to get Nameberry love all the time. I like Zvi and Hart too, but those I would keep in the middle; Fox is a bit more versatile.

    The worst thing I could think of is that it could be ironic if he's not attractive. This is also true of Grace, or Belle, or a bunch of other virtue names; the failing-class Victor and the impulsive Temperance. All of which are okay names IMO.

    I also like Phoenix, but Fox sounds more easy-going. And I think of mythical beasts (Phoenix, Griffin, Ronan) separately from nature names?

    The name Saul is associated with foxes and might be a little easier to wear, but Saul is itself uncommon and monosyllabic so I'm not sure it's a huge upgrade in terms of ease of use. Todd is related to foxes too but I can't see naming a kid Todd.
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    Maybe it's because of my love for the X-Files... but I actually do like the name Fox. I think it's totally usable.

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