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    I think my main problem with it is that it reads as a very outgoing sort of name. The sort of name people usually choose for themselves.
    I'm introverted and as a kid was shy and I just imagine myself having a name like Pepper or Swan and feeling embarrassed anytime anyone asked me about it.
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    In the middle, it is fine. I would not use it as a first name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    What exactly is so horrible or tease-worthy about it? I can't think of anything and no one ever gives a good answer. I usually get 'people will call him/her foxy'. Um... since when is calling a person a word that means 'attractive' a bad thing?
    It means more than just attractive though. It means they're sexually appealing. Adults might want to be appealing sexually but it's not exactly the best term for a teen.

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    Fox isn't my style, but I don't think it's horrible. The sexual connotations bother me though. I would use it in the middle spot or simply call him Fox as a nickname.

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    I'll add my vote for it being totally usable. In fact, I think it's got a decent history of use, even if it's never been top 5 material. I don't think it has the same feel as naming your kid Bear or Tiger, because Fox has been a surname forever, and surnames are totally normal as first names these days. My husband was just talking tonight about how people would give us so much flack if we were to name our kid Fox, but I think we'd be just as likely to get crazy looks for the name Martin. Meh. Not everyone will like it, but it's easy to spell, and easily recognizable. I'd say use it if you LOVE it, just don't use it to be different or because you think it's cool... because you'll always feel self conscious about it if those were your motivations.
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