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    I really like Fox on a boy. I think it's a handsome name and not horrible at all. I also like it as a middle,Milo Fox Bennett is pretty.
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    Not horrible, not even bad. I can even see the appeal even though its not my particular style. And don't worry, you will find plenty of admirers on Nameberry and IRL. I don't think it is too unprofessional or ridiculous to put in the first spot, but if you are really THAT worried about it, place it in the middle, its 100% safe there and you can still call him Fox.

    Of your choices, I like Fox Logan Bennett.
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    @sleepysessha: lol, i mustve taken too long in posting, i pretty much recapped what you said!

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    I LOVE Fox. If you love, use it!

    Fox Milo Bennett is incredibly handsome!

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    I like the name Fox... only in the middle spot though. It just sounds weird as a first and doesn't seem fit for most professions.

    Of your ideas, I only like Milo Fox Bennett since it is in the middle.
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