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    I respectfully disagree with the PP's I think Fox is a wonderful name! I do think if your taste is less adventurous for the most part, and Fox is the exception to that, you'll probably want to use it in the middle. As you can see from my sig, I'm a huge fan of nature/word names, especially in the middle. Milo Fox is my favorite of the combos you listed, but Logan Fox is equally wonderful, and it has an extra dash of mischief about it that really appeals to me. I don't know if you're a sci-fi fan, but Fox Mulder of the X-Files is a good example of the name being wearable on an actual person (even if he was just a character in a show).

    In the end, do what you think best. Are some people going to say it's horrible? Clearly. But I think a kid would love being named Fox, and if he has a "normal" name in the mix like Milo or Logan, he has that to fall back on if he gets to the point where he's uncomfortable with a nature name.

    Best of luck to you!
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    I really like it as a middle or as a nn. As a given first name it's a but out there for me, but I wouldn't be surprised to meet a little boy named Fox
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    I actually really like Fox, but think its best as a middle name and also if it happens to have a family connection, like a maiden name.

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    No, I don't think Fox or Foxx is horrible on a boy; on a girl, I would have serious doubts.

    I had Silas Balthazar Fox on my list, albeit briefly.

    It would be a great middle name if you're unsure, and you mentioned you'd call him Fox as a nn anyway

    I like the 2-1-2 flow of Milo Fox Bennett, and Logan Fox Bennett perhaps?

    Congratulations btw!

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    Wow, no love for Fox on Nameberry lol. It didn't hurt the X-Files tho, to name a main character Fox Mulder :S Apparently Chris Carter had a childhood friend by the name of Fox, so it's been used for a while. I like it, you have my vote anyway

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