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    Naming babies after cars?

    I saw this article on a woman who names her children after cars. I was just wondering if you think this is ok?? I think its taking the idea of having related sibling names to the extreme!

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    I'm not against it, I honestly don't see much of a problem with it. It's never, ever anything I, myself, would do, though. It seems slightly tacky. I know a family who has two daughters, Shelby and Mercedes, both named after cars.
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    Mercedes, Porsche and Alfa...Mercedes is a name often used to honour the Virgin Mary by Catholics. Portia was a Shakespearean name. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphbet. If the names were spelled Mercedes, Portia and Alpha perhaps they wouldn't be so over-the-top and crass. I always think that naming children after luxury brands says a lot of the parents. They name their children after things they can only dream of having in real life which is kind of sad. I'm guessing that if they have a son he will be called Bentley or Royce. I don't think Toyota would even be a consideration.
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    Mercedes was legitimately a human name before it was a car name. though the association is strong.
    Portia is also a legitimate name so I could also see Porscha as a corruption of the original name, no real harm done there especially as she pronounces them the same.
    Bentley (which she also wanted to use) was the last name of the creator of the car, so no real harm done there either.
    I don't get the Frank and Alfie connection as they seem like normal names.

    The trend of giving them all car names is a bit extreme, but parents have done worse a la Pilot Inspektor and North West so I do not think any of the names are too far out there. It definitely says a lot about the parents but not enough for me to be concerned.

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    It's a bit tacky, but she went with names that are either already people names or close to them. If she went with Honda, Hyundai, or something like Expedition, then it would be too much. Then again, my initials/nickname is/are M. G., also a car name, and I get a kick out of the association.

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