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Thread: Sawyer

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    I prefer Laurence nn Wren for a surname + tomboyish flare. Sawyer isn't too bad but I like it on a boy best.
    Here are some middles I think go well with Sawyer:
    Sawyer Lachlan
    Sawyer Demarys
    Sawyer Dominique
    Sawyer Adrienne
    Sawyer Melanie
    Sawyer Melody
    Sawyer Julianne
    Sawyer Ivanna
    Sawyer Macaela
    Sawyer Madison
    Sawyer Makenzie
    Sawyer Quincy
    Sawyer Elizabeth
    Sawyer Jacqueline

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    Love Sawyer. Are you opposed to giving her a feminine first name, and then Sawyer as a middle? The only reason why I suggest this (although I don't think that you can go wrong with either, and love meeting little Sawyers) is so that this way she can have a frilly first feminine and then a masculine middle, it has better flow to me and seems like the proper way to go about naming a surname-y child so that this way people know that they have a strong gender part of their name, so they can come off as feminine but introduce themselves masculinely.

    I know somebody named Jane Stokes (goes by Stokes) who likes this so that way when people see her they assume she's a girl, they just get the name wrong. She preferred this to being thought of as a boy.

    Once again, I'm thrilled you're even considering this as a name, I'm obsessed with it! Best of luck!

    Elizabeth Sawyer
    Florence Sawyer
    Rosalind Sawyer
    Charlotte Sawyer

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