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    If Its A Girl...

    It is still another month until we find out gender, so we are still considering boys and girls names at this point. I can't wait to find out so we can narrow it down! For a boy his name will most likely be Callen John. For a girl she most likely will be Cora. Our back ups are Ivy and Scarlett, but we are 99% sure she would be a Cora.

    Which brings us to middle names! I LOVE the middle name Louisa. Both my grandmother and my husbands grandmother is named Louise, so I feel Louisa is a little fresher/cuter while still honoring Louise. Also Louisa Mae Alcott is one of my favorite authors, and the town where her house was is one of my favorite towns. So Louisa just has jam packed meaning. My concern is that Cora Louisa has too much 'a' sounds. So should I just go with Cora Louise? It just doesn't sound as fresh :/ or any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    Louisa! I love when names have some alliteration and it looks better.

    Also I think Cora Scarlett and Cora Ivy are lovely too.
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    Cora Louise flows better! I love Louisa but not with Cora.
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    Louise flows better, but Louisa means so much more to you, and you seem really attatched to it. In reality, her middle name will only be said a few times throughout her life, so it really doesn't matter if the flow is perfect. I voted for Cora Louisa only because it seems like you've already made your decision about Louisa. What if you gave her a 2nd middle name in between Cora and Louisa? Like Cora Ivy Louisa? or Cora Scarlett Louisa? I think both of those are nice, but I prefer the Ivy one! 90% of the time I don't like 2 middle names, but I think in this case it works really well!
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