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    Aug 2013

    Input needed, Please.. Veira?

    * main title error - Viera **

    What do you think of the name honestly?

    What do you think the correct spelling is
    & how would you pronouce it?

    I've been saying Ve-air-uh or V-era (like era of time)..

    What would you spell it Viera, Veira, Vieira (which is said to be scallop - not the meaning Im after), or some other way?

    Somewhat of a re visitation to good ol' Vera
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    If I looked at it quickly, I'd probably say vay-rah. Idk how I feel about it. Vera is such a pretty name, and Veira feels not quite right.
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    When I saw Veira I thought it was Keira.

    I pr. It Vay-rah.

    Its an okay name, not my favorite. I prefer Vera.

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    Woops* Main title was supposed to read Viera*

    Sorry guys.. Kinda like Sierra but the feel of Vera drug out. . What do you think?

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    I say veer-a like Vera Wang. It's a pretty name

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